25th May 2024

I will shortly be going on a writers’ course on a Greek island called Skyros. Half-way into the Agean Sea it looks fascinating. The only problem appears to be the lack of participants. I have been told of two and a facilitator (presumably giving another course) who may be travelling with me from Athens airport to the hotel. I hope there are other participants but a lack of numbers has led to the course venue being changed from Skyros Centre on one side of the island to Atsitsa quite near the airport. Let’s hope it still means a lot of interesting input…

Here’s hoping that rather than a Murder on the Cards we have a good laugh…

More later xx

22nd July 2023

Rather a long time since I updated this blog, but then I have a feel that no one reads it, so I’m talking to myself.

There are so many things to do in self-publishing and I’m not good (or even average) at any of them. At the moment I need to:

  1. update back matter
  2. do a mailing list – this would be easier if it wasn’t that my mailerlite account has just been rejected. Why? Who knows? All these computer related things are so random. I’ve already been rejected by Facebook Business who insist I don’t exist!
  3. Then I should be doing sales and promotions. Things on Bookbub, on Goodreads and all the myriad of sites that have popped up to make money out of writers.
  4. All the other things that life composes of that have nothing to do with writing.
  5. Ah well. When in doubt find a picture of a dog and post it.

To listen to the podcast about making the Murder in the Cards audiobook:

September 30th 2022

Last day in September and hurrah, I now have an audiobook of Murder in the Cards wonderful fun. I loved making this and it was so much fun. Have a listen:

September 12th

Sad time because the Queen died a few days ago. We have also had some deaths in the village. Sad.

On a happier note I have a new book with the editor and the other two are making slow but constant sales.

What happens behind Mmme Bollinger’s door?

July 23rd 2022

Starting a few marketing pics in FB. Hope it works.

How reading this book makes you feel

May 23rd 2022

Wonderful Rooby Lane has made me a dress of my books. So excited. I’m going to wear it tonight at a cousin’s art show.

Yeah! such fun.

May 17th 2022

Now thinking of ways to promote Murder in the Cards. We have been kindly allowed to visit Petersfield Bridge Club in two weeks time to publize the book. Let’s hope my costume dazzles them.

May 11th 2022

Wonderful book launch on my second book, Murder in the Cards, at One Tree Books in Petersfield. Very successful day. Thank you Tim O Kelly and Sally Jay.

March 2022. Here I am in my other incarnation as a pilot and aviation writer mucking around after receiving the HAI Lightspeed Salute to Excellence Communications Award

Sunday 20th June, I am looking at competitions to enter. Slipped into the Women in Comedy Competition just as they were closing the doors. I’ve got the nasty feeling it might have been better if I’d had time to dress up first, my rather smelly just out of bed wear might not make the grade.

So now I’m looking at the upmarket OAPs comp. I’ve got more time to prepare for this one but I’ve always been a rather downmarket girl, perhaps I should disguise myself in more expensive clothes. That might at least get me past the auditorium.

Thursday September 2nd

There are lots of different reasons why we write. One is certainly to express oneself but another is to communicate, and I wonder if sometimes we don’t forget the first one in the struggle for the second. We are so keen to publish that we forget what we want to express in the first place. However, the wonderful thing about self-expression is even when we are publishing in a totally different sphere, it keeps popping out. For thirty years I wrote about helicopters, and yet I couldn’t help just a little mad fantasy seeping in, so I had a small article about Helicopters on Mars (this was before we actually did have a little helicopter on Mars). Perhaps I have the gift of foresight!

Getting nearer

I have now had The Mystery of the Lost Husbands both copy edited and proof read. The designer is now making a fantastic cover for the book, and I am learning how to use Vellum (formatting software) brilliant fun. Once everything is in place, I am going to upload the books onto Amazon and IngramSpark and that too will be a learning experience.

Well I guess if you can fly a Tiger Moth with your mother standing on the wing you can do anything.

Book Launch of The Mystery of the Lost Husbands on 29th November 2021.

Book launch at One Tree Books in Petersfield
Reading a poem in honor of the bookshop and the assembled readers, written by me